More Sales Fixes Everything.

Reverse Layaway™ Gives You the Power to Sell More Fast.

Ever have someone call you and ask for a price and never hear from them again?  How would you like to make them choose your business first–among ALL of your competitors–regardless of your price?  Reverse Layaway™ can do this for you…

According to CNN, 58% of Americans in the 2012 Recession don’t have the cash or credit to make a $500 purchase today.  This isn’t news to you if you are in business because you see your revenues down as a result of lower incomes, higher unemployment and rapidly shrinking credit lines–if they are even available at all.

All transactions are performed and backed by a Multi-Billion dollar FDIC insured bank so your Income is Guaranteed when the  customer is approved.90% approval rate - only takes  seconds to find out.

Reverse Layaway doesn’t require a big, scary investment to implement!

This means You CAN’T sell into 58% of the market in 2012.

Unless you have Reverse Layaway™.

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Reverse Layaway is the single most powerful and cost-effective way to increase your sales in 2012. Period.


Reverse Layaway™ finally allows you to sell to the people with no cash or credit (the majority in 2012) with complete peace of mind, and our Multi-Billion Dollar FDIC-Insured Bank Guarantees that your customer’s payments to you will be deposited into your account–even if the customer’s account is empty when their payment is due!  It sounds too good to be true but it’s not–Reverse Layaway isn’t possible without our 25 years in the payment industry combined with modern technology.

Reverse Layaway™ lets you finally close sales with customers that only have SOME of the cash or SOME of the credit–we make it simple to close that payment gap between what your customer wants/needs and how much cash or credit they have–and you get to increase your revenues quickly!

How many sales are you losing because they don’t have the money? You KNOW money is an issue for themReverse Layaway takes away your customer’s financial worries and allows you to make it simple for customers to choose you over your competitors. Reverse Layaway ™ makes it easier for you to sell!

Here’s how Reverse Layaway ™ works:

Reverse Layaway ™ is Point-of-Sale Technology that allows business owners to extend their customers up to $5,000 in Virtual Credit™.  What’s Virtual Credit™?  To your customers it looks, feels, and most importantly: PROFITS you just like regular credit, but we aren’t lending anybody anything and this isn’t a bank loan, credit card loan, line of credit, or traditional financing of any kind–there’s no credit check, which is why 9 out of 10 applicants are approved.

It’s Simple. All your customer needs to qualify is a job, an ID, and a valid personal checking account.  That’s it.  They agree to make a series of payments to you over a period of time, and you put it in writing on our easy application that a child could fill out.  Over 90% of customers pay in full in 4-5 weeks.

It’s Powerful.  Once the Reverse Layaway™ Technology approves your customer at the point-of-sale, your money is Guaranteed! What this means to you is that even if the customer doesn’t have any money in their account when we try and take their payment (which is all done electronically–you never have to go to the bank to make a deposit), the bank will put our money where our mouth is and deposit the cash into your account ourselves.  No kidding. That’s what “Guaranteed” means with Reverse Layaway™.  If our technology gives you the green light, the payments are Guaranteed. We also have the best customer satisfaction and retention track record in the business by Visa, Mastercard, and Discover Network standards.

To you, the business owner, Reverse Layaway™ means more sales fast and a new, guaranteed income stream that you’ve never had before.  Reverse Layaway™ means you can prosper when your competition is going out of business!

You will be provided customized marketing materials to help you get yourReverse Layaway™ Technology implemented and up and running fast!

Reverse Layaway™ Technology is Simple, Powerful, Highly Cost-Effective, Innovative, Consumer-Friendly (which means they’ll be coming back and telling their friends!) and it is the single fastest way to increase sales in your business.

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