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Reverse Layaway TM is the creation of Revolution Marketing Group LLC, a Boulder, Colorado based technology marketing company.

In early 2009  a need was recognized in the consumer market for easier access to short-term payment solutions that avoided the pitfalls, difficulties, and expenses involved with traditional consumer financing as well as the new and nearly impossible-to-qualify-for financing in today’s economic conditions.  This need is a growing one and to a cash- and credit-strapped consumer public, it is a necessity to offer Reverse Layaway to not only survive in today’s tough market but to also avoid the payment risk, increase your profit margins, and attract a large new revenue stream by selling into a market that you’ve never been able to reach–and receive guaranteed payments at the same time.

With Reverse Layaway, you can finally sell to the new majority of the consumer public–everybody that walks in the door can do business with you–isn’t that what you want?

Reverse Layaway is the single most powerful and cost-effective way to increase sales in 2012. Period.

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