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If you don’t have Reverse Layaway in your store, you are letting customers and revenue pass you by.  If you have Reverse Layaway, you have the most powerful tool you could have to not only make it easier for your customers to buy, but for you to sell to them.  Payment flexibility is what is about–making their purchase fit into their budget–regardless of their cash/credit situation.

Get our Free Report now to learn what you are missing and how simple–and fast–you can turn things around for your business.  And Supercharge your sales.  And Empower your salespeople.  And make your customers tell everyone about you.

Give your customers what they want and they will reward you with their loyalty.  Reverse layaway is what they want.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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The Reverse Layaway Revolution has just begun.  Everybody knows what Layaway is.  Reverse Layaway is just as simple: the customer agrees to a series of payments, and then they receive the merchandise or service–immediately.  With Reverse Layaway technology, the merchant never has to worry about getting paid: once their customer is approved, the funds are guaranteed to the merchant.  This is retail technology at it’s finest.  If you are having trouble hitting your sales goals in today’s economy, Reverse Layaway is what you need for your store(s) and salespeople as soon as possible, and here are the 10 Reasons Why:

1) Reverse Layaway is what your customers demand.  Americans are tired of debt.  Reverse Layaway is a throwback to the good ol’ days when people saved up for things they wanted to buy.  Reverse Layaway eliminates the evil banks with outrageous interest rates from the equation and because there is no credit check, over 92% of your customers are approved.  Talk about a sales spike!

2) There’s No Credit Check.  You know more people will call and come by just because of these three little words on your sign or in your ad.  This message is incredibly powerful, especially in today’s environment when over half of the American population has no credit, bad credit, maxed out credit, or is so sick of credit that they don’t want to incur one more penny of debt.  You, as a business, NEED to have an alternative payment option to cater to this majority–58% of Americans according to CNN–of people in our country.  If you don’t you are missing out on a massive amount of sales. And people with good incomes and great credit are running into problems, too.  Credit lines are shrinking and getting much harder to qualify for.  Before you ever think “we don’t want “that kind” of customer”, remember that lesser details have put people out of business.  The “kind” of customers we are talking about here are customers whose payments to you are guaranteed.  No Business can do without a steady stream of paying customers, and that’s exactly what Reverse Layaway gives you.

3) If you want more sales, Reverse Layaway could help you hit Much, Much Higher revenue goals.  How’s an extra $40,000+ in a single month at a single store sound to you?  That’s what happened for one of our customers.  Times are tight for some, and giving your customers the option and ability to buy from you today–regardless of how much money they have in the bank and what their past credit looks like–is a huge convenience for them.  With as little as 15% down, you can close the deal today, and once your customer is approved, the total amount of the sale is guaranteed to be deposited directly into your business’ bank account.  That’s what “Guaranteed Payments” means.  Even if a customer’s payment date comes and the funds aren’t in their account when our system’s program attempts to ACH the funds into your business’s account from theirs, the Reverse Layaway program will still deposit the amount due to you on the 5th or the 20th of the month, whichever is faster.  Your worries of being paid are eliminated with this program.

4) Customers demand cutting edge technology.  You have the latest cell phone, ipod, laptop, and car, but your payment processing technology has been around since the 80’s and has never been upgraded.  It’s old.  It doesn’t offer 90-Day, No Credit Check In-House financing.  It’s time for you to upgrade.  It’s time for payment processing 2.0.  It’s time for you to join the new millennium.  Ask about our Beta program for online merchants–yes, Reverse Layaway Online!

5) Turn your sales force into Closing Machines.  As sales people, we know the tough part in closing a deal is asking for the money and having the customer agree to fork it over.  With Reverse Layaway, you can now agree to perform your services or provide merchandise for a small fraction of the total amount you agree to, and the customer doesn’t have to qualify for anything with their credit.  Do more deals now.  When you follow the program and they are approved, you just do your job and the money will be there–guaranteed.

6) This is fast.  Reverse Layaway only takes a few seconds to get an approval for your customer, and once you realize how much not having Reverse Layaway in your business is costing you, it only takes about 48 hours to be up and running.  Just call us!

7) This program makes you look good.  Even though there are literally thousands of merchants using this program nationwide, it hasn’t come anywhere near being saturated in the retail marketplace and that means one thing: you can take credit for our work (And we recommend that you do, too!).  Make your business look cutting edge.  Look like an innovator.  Make it look like you truly trust your customers (all the while knowing that your payments are guaranteed to you).  And the entire Reverse Layaway program us underwritten by our Billion-dollar nationwide payment processing partner that’s been in this business for 25 years.  In the eyes of many, we are the number one processor in the country.

8 ) Increase your Marketing with Reverse Layaway.  When you get Reverse Layaway implemented in your store, it’s not going to lead directly to more cash in the register–you are going to have to tell people about it.  And we’ll help you by providing you: point-of-sale marketing materials, signs/stands, brochures, and many other ways for you to make it very apparent to your customers that they can choose to use Reverse Layaway today and get their product right now and make payments.

9) Make More Money Immediately.  Since your competition doesn’t have Reverse Layaway in their stores yet, you can be the leader in your market in your customer’s mind.  And guess what?  Since you offer your customers more payment flexibility than your competition, you are going to earn their business over your competitors.  And the customers whose business you earn are going to tell their friends and families.  And it grows from there.  And all it takes it you having some vision in your business to allow them to do business with you.  That’s it.  And for the opportunity to do business with you under these flexible terms, you can charge them a premium on top of what you would normally charge them.  You make it easy on them to get the products and services you sell, so you make more money for providing that convenience to the marketplace.  It’s that simple.

10) Dominate Your Marketplace.  Reverse Layaway adds $20,000 to $40,000 per year in additional sales to the typical retail/B2C location.  That’s huge.  And the best part is that there’s no big scary investment, either.

It’s technology that’s been around for a long time and is tested and trusted by major banks and retailers.  If you are a business that wants more sales now, Reverse Layaway is the single most cost-effective option in 2011.  It’s paid for within the first 3 customers in most businesses.   Implement Reverse Layaway® in your business today.

Reverse Layaway® is the exclusive registered trademark of Revolution Marketing Group LLC.    This content is copyrighted and owned by Revolution Marketing Group LLC and reproduction is prohibited without written permission.


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Wouldn’t you like to add even a fraction of that to your business’ monthly sales?  With Reverse layaway, you can!

Get in touch and we’ll show you their (redacted) statement–it’s VERY impressive!

Reverse Layaway is so simple–it’s a couple pieces of simple hardware that allow you to make it SO much easier for your customers to buy that selling to them and closing deals becomes a no-brainer.  A teenager can use this system to create a massive increase in sales–and they do–all the time!

Isn’t it time for you to finally learn more about the sales you are missing out on by not giving your customers the payment option they want?  In today’s economy, you need all of the competitive advantage you can get–Reverse Layaway is the single most powerful, consumer friendly, and cost-effective way to increase sales.  Period.

Give us a call to find out how your business will benefit from Reverse Layaway today!


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Reverse Layaway is powerful technology.  When you have Reverse Layaway in your business you have more ability to close more sales–you make it easier on yourself to close more sales and you make it easier on your customer to say Yes.

Here’s a list of the Top 10 Reverse Layaway Benefits:

1) Reverse layaway is what your customers demand in today’s market (and they’ll tell people about it when you DO offer it!).

2) Reverse Layaway allows you to add those 3 Magic Words to your marketing: No Credit Check, which leads to higher response rates and more walk-ins to your business

3) Reverse Layaway increases your revenues not only in the volume of transactions, but in higher prices, too

4) Reverse Layaway is the latest payment processing technology on the market, and it’s time to upgrade

5) Reverse Layaway turns your salespeople into consumer-friendly closing machines

6) Reverse Layaway is Fast–it takes only seconds to get an approval, just like a card transaction

7) Reverse Layaway makes your business look good–increase your image in the eyes of your customers

8 ) Reverse Layaway allows you to make more money virtually overnight by allowing you to close deals now that you couldn’t without Reverse Layaway – customers without all the cash or credit

9) Reverse Layaway all by itself is a draw for customers–some have driven over 100 miles to buy from a Reverse Layaway merchant!

10) Reverse Layaway allows you to dominate your marketplace by offering value to your customers that your competition doesn’t.  Not yet, anyway…

This is a very short list of the benefits of having Reverse Layaway in your business and we believe that Reverse Layaway will be come the status quo payment processing option available to all consumers sooner rather than later given today’s market climate.

Get in touch with us today by giving us a call or sending an email or filling out the form on the right side and do yourself a favor: do some due diligence on this technology and figure out how many more sales you are  missing out on.  If you only add one customer per week, Reverse Layaway is a home run for you and your business.  Who knows–you could be one of those businesses that adds $500,000 in additional sales by just adding Reverse Layaway as a payment option.  If you sell a product or service in the $300-$5000 price range, you need to take a serious look at Reverse Layaway.

And we’ll help you get it up and running.  There’s no big up-front investment. What are you waiting for?

When you get your monthly statement and see that you had thousands of dollars deposited in your account from Reverse Layaway sales you made months ago, you’re going to ask yourself: Why didn’t I get going on Reverse Layaway sooner?


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Reverse Layaway generates more sales, adding an average of $20,000 to $40,000 in annual sales yearly to the typical retail location.  Some have seen increases of more than $40,000 in a single month–this isn’t typical but how many more sales you generate with this technology is up to you–it’s based upon the effort you put into promoting your program because that’s what this is: your very own in-house financing program.

Reverse Layaway is trusted by major banks and large retailers nationwide to give them the boost they need in today’s market to continue growing.  Reverse Layaway is their “Ace in the hole”.  Their Secret Weapon.  And Reverse Layaway is the single most cost-effective and consumer-friendly way to increase sales today.  Period. And it’s not expensive to get implemented–you can be accepting Reverse Layaway payment plans in 48 hours in most cases.  All you have to do is get in touch and we’ll guide you and help you get to your destination and reach your goal of higher sales number fast.  Talk to you soon…



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Reverse Layaway is FAST.  Once you have Reverse Layaway in your business, it only takes seconds to get an approval and find out whether your customer’s funds are going to be guaranteed.  9 out of 10 customers are approved, which is unheard of in 2011 since 4 out of 5 people are rejected from credit-based programs on the market today.  It takes 72 hours–or less–to have Reverse Layaway installed and adding revenue to your business.  The only real question is: How much is NOT having Reverse Layaway in your business costing you?  Call us today to get this modern consumer friendly payment processing technology up and running.

There’s a lot of fear out there in the marketplace and Reverse Layaway eliminates this obstacle from your customer’s mind and gets them in the door fast when you simply let them know that there is no credit check and that this is an easy payment plan that works within their budgets.

The prospective customers you could not close on Friday can be closed on Monday!  What are you waiting for?



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Reverse Layaway increases not only your price point, but the number of customers you can sell to.  Times are tight for most in today’s economy with nearly 3 out of 5 people being unable to afford a $500 purchase today.  With Reverse Layaway in your business, you can now sell to 9 out of 10 people that you talk to, giving yourself a huge increase in the number of potential sales opportunities.

Offering your customers Reverse Layaway is a tremendous incentive for customers to do business with you over your competitors, and your customers will gladly pay a premium to you for offering them this convenience.  Not to mention: they can’t get what they want anywhere else–not with these terms.

And when you offer them a Reverse Layaway No Credit Check Payment Plan you have no liability if they don’t pay their bills!  If your customer doesn’t have the funds in their account when our technology attempts to electronically transfer their funds into your account, our Billion-Dollar FDIC-insured bank will put the money in there–Guaranteed–on the 5th or the 20th of the month–whichever is faster.  No risk to your business and a large new revenue stream makes for happy business owners–and happy customers!

Your new Guaranteed Revenue stream can be implemented virtually overnight–just give us a call!


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In these economic times, people that need their vehicle repaired may not have all the cash or credit they need to pay in full for all the service they require, and Reverse Layaway is the perfect solution for mechanics to not only solve this problem for their customers (and be a hero for saving them), but they can seriously increase their sales volume also.

When a person goes to a business that helps them above and beyond their expectations–especially financially–people remember.  And they talk about it.  With their friends, coworkers and relatives.  They are going to sing your praises high and low if you have Reverse Layaway in your business because it’s new, innovative, and it is what customers are asking for.

One of our Automotive clients is Finn Mototech in Broomfield, Colorado.  Rob, the owner, has found that most people who come into his shop because they hear about him offering no credit check payment plans actually end up paying in full in cash or putting it on a credit card, but they wouldn’t have even come in the door if they didn’t know about his Reverse Layaway program.

Finn Mototech also offers the best oil change value in Colorado (if not the planet) when they run their specials: only $5.


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