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In these economic times, people that need their vehicle repaired may not have all the cash or credit they need to pay in full for all the service they require, and Reverse Layaway is the perfect solution for mechanics to not only solve this problem for their customers (and be a hero for saving them), but they can seriously increase their sales volume also.

When a person goes to a business that helps them above and beyond their expectations–especially financially–people remember.  And they talk about it.  With their friends, coworkers and relatives.  They are going to sing your praises high and low if you have Reverse Layaway in your business because it’s new, innovative, and it is what customers are asking for.

One of our Automotive clients is Finn Mototech in Broomfield, Colorado.  Rob, the owner, has found that most people who come into his shop because they hear about him offering no credit check payment plans actually end up paying in full in cash or putting it on a credit card, but they wouldn’t have even come in the door if they didn’t know about his Reverse Layaway program.

Finn Mototech also offers the best oil change value in Colorado (if not the planet) when they run their specials: only $5.


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