How Reverse Layaway Works


Reverse Layaway is a fast and simple payment processing technology to implement into your business and is ready to add more revenue to your business within minutes.  If you are a more sales-focused business (perhaps you have an outside sales force), the annualized increase could easily be $100,000 or more depending on what you sell and your price points–some merchants have seen $40,000+ sales increases in one month alone! (no kidding–we’ll show you their redacted statements–just call us!)

Anatomy of a Reverse Layaway Transaction

1) You (or your sales representative) and your new customer agree on an easy payment plan that fits the customer’s budget and the customer writes the checks to cover those future payments.

2) You run the customer through the system by simply sliding the checks to be scanned into the hardware and entering the dates and amounts of the payments and you get an answer back within seconds–just like entering a card transaction. ~90% of customers are approved because there is No Credit Check!

3) Once they are approved, you ring ‘em up just like normal and give them the product or service they want because at that point you know that all of their payments to you are guaranteed to be deposited into your account by our multi-billion-dollar nationwide FDIC-insured payment processing bank.  All payments are converted into electronic transactions  and performed automatically on the dates you and your customer agreed to and you will never have to go to the bank to make a deposit ever again (except for cash).  If one of the payments “bounces”, the funds will be deposited into your bank account on the 5th or the 20th of the month by our bank–whichever date is closer.

Once you get the approval on our hardware at the point of sale, the total amount of the sale is guaranteed to be deposited into your account –even if every payment “bounces”!

You simply keep a small file on each customer with the 3 required documents and the Customer Agreement–a simple 1-pager that a teenager could fill out in less than a minute, then you have all of your bases covered–no more work for you and only guaranteed payments coming into your account.

4) Tell the next customer that calls or walks in about your Reverse Layaway No Credit Check Easy Payment Plan and incorporate it into your marketing and advertising–especially your sales pitches–get the word out and watch how many people come to you because MONEY IS AN ISSUE FOR YOUR CUSTOMERS in 2012!

Watch your advertising response rates and customer traffic skyrocket into your store–with a simple exterior sign saying “We Finance–No Credit Check!”

It really is that simple.

Give us a call today at 651.202.6113 (or send us an email to Sales @ to find out what kind of sales increase a business like yours could be seeing.  Reverse Layaway is the best and most consumer-friendly no-brainer decision to increase sales fast that a business owner can make in 2012, and it’s not expensive either–it’s less than your daily Starbuck’s for crying out loud!

Reverse Layaway works fast–what are you doing to stay competitive?

Reverse Layaway is perfect for many businesses including: contractors, doctors, dentists, plastic surgeons, automotive parts/service, flooring, rims/tires, plumbers/HVAC, furniture, electronics, computers, attorneys, optometrists/opticians, Lasik surgery centers, chiropractors–literally any retail, home-based, or professional business that sells a product/service for $300 or more!  If you have multiple locations, you are missing out on a massive market that is easily tapped into with Reverse Layaway, and it’s not expensive to get started!  Your new customers and all of their referral business are waiting for you!  Get in touch now to get started!

PS–If you have a “traditional” (credit-based) in-store financing program in place already, you need Reverse Layaway to turn your credit-turndowns into paying customers.  Instead of insulting them and shoeing them away with their tails between their legs you can start collecting a guaranteed revenue stream from them AND all the people they know that are looking for someone to do business with!  These new customers have friends, families, neighbors, co-workers, and lots of other people they know that are unaware that you offer Reverse Layaway.  They’ll gladly get the word out for you, but you need it in your business first!

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