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In today’s economic climate, being nice to your customers goes a long way.  It’s almost a lost art with all of the indifference we as consumers run into.  Giving your customers a Consumer Friendly payment option that allows them to get what they want today–even when they don’t have all the cash to pay for it–goes over extremely well with consumers.  Not to mention, the way Americans manage their finances is changing.  Americans are tired of debt.  Reverse Layaway is a throwback to the good ol’ days when people saved up for things they wanted to buy.  Reverse Layaway eliminates the banks with their outrageous interest rates from the equation and because there is no credit check, so we are seeing 90% of Reverse Layaway Merchant’s customers are approved.

Talk about a sales spike!  When you appear to “bend over backwards” to help a customer get what they want/need, they will remember you.  They will tell people about you.  And they will be far more likely to return to you since only your business can help them–now and in the future.

Until your competition starts offering Reverse Layaway, anyway.

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