You’re going to have to tell people that you have Reverse Layaway in your business. And when you do this by adding it into your advertising (the magic words are below) and mention it to them on the phone, your prospective customers will be more likely than not to call or or stop into your business than your competitors and actually do business with you.

We’ll help you to implement Reverse Layaway with a strategy to increase the number of phone calls and walk-ins that turn into sales and that can supercharge your marketing response rates by making your customers think: “I’d have to be nuts to do business with anyone else–regardless of the price!”. This is our goal for your business and Reverse Layaway technology is the tool that could make this happen for you.  And we’ll help you achieve it.

Part of what you get as a Reverse Layaway merchant is customized marketing materials–free for as long as you remain a Reverse Layaway Merchant--with your logo and contact information that explicitly explains how simple this program is to your customers and how it gives them exactly what they want–Today.  You’ll get specialized point-of-sale signage that will make your customers ask about how they can do more business with you with Reverse Layaway.  Once you come aboard, it will be apparent to them that Reverse Layaway is a payment option for them–and they will reward you for it with their business.  And they’ll tell people about you too!

Do you ever get calls asking you for a price? If you are an experienced business owner or salesperson you’ve realized by now that this generally isn’t a good idea.  The majority of Reverse Layaway merchants add this response to their telephone repertoire when someone calls and asks for a price: “That’s a good question–we’re very competitive–we’ll have to take a look at it but the good thing is that it doesn’t matter as far as your budget is concerned–and we can get it done for you right away–because we have the Reverse Layaway no credit check easy payment plan available to you so we’ll make sure it fits into your budget–whatever that may be–and you can pay us over the next few months–we just need a little bit down.  We’re busy right now–can you come in this afternoon?”.

This is very simple to do, right? And who do you think that customer (who is obviously price-conscious and on a budget) is going to give their business to? That’s right: the Reverse Layaway merchant.  They probably won’t even call anyone else after they hear these magic words on your call and they’ll probably get in the car and come directly to you immediately after speaking to you (if you can fit them  in!) or schedule a meeting to have you come out and give them a price.  This is why we say that Reverse Layaway is the Single Most Powerful and Cost-Effective way to Increase Your Sales in 2011. Because we’re not kidding!  Give us a call today and stop missing out on all of the selling opportunities you already have and start closing more business tomorrow!

The Secret Recipe (well, some of it): When you include the simple wording: “We Finance – No Credit Check” (we have more powerful wording than that, but you have to call us first!) in your advertising campaigns–TV, Radio, Yellow Pages, Direct Mail, Door Hangers, Web Sites/Banner Ads–whatever you’re doing, well…fuhgeddaboutit!  Who do you think they are gonna call?  Stop losing business and join the Reverse Layaway Revolution today!

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