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Reverse Layaway is powerful technology.  When you have Reverse Layaway in your business you have more ability to close more sales–you make it easier on yourself to close more sales and you make it easier on your customer to say Yes.

Here’s a list of the Top 10 Reverse Layaway Benefits:

1) Reverse layaway is what your customers demand in today’s market (and they’ll tell people about it when you DO offer it!).

2) Reverse Layaway allows you to add those 3 Magic Words to your marketing: No Credit Check, which leads to higher response rates and more walk-ins to your business

3) Reverse Layaway increases your revenues not only in the volume of transactions, but in higher prices, too

4) Reverse Layaway is the latest payment processing technology on the market, and it’s time to upgrade

5) Reverse Layaway turns your salespeople into consumer-friendly closing machines

6) Reverse Layaway is Fast–it takes only seconds to get an approval, just like a card transaction

7) Reverse Layaway makes your business look good–increase your image in the eyes of your customers

8 ) Reverse Layaway allows you to make more money virtually overnight by allowing you to close deals now that you couldn’t without Reverse Layaway – customers without all the cash or credit

9) Reverse Layaway all by itself is a draw for customers–some have driven over 100 miles to buy from a Reverse Layaway merchant!

10) Reverse Layaway allows you to dominate your marketplace by offering value to your customers that your competition doesn’t.  Not yet, anyway…

This is a very short list of the benefits of having Reverse Layaway in your business and we believe that Reverse Layaway will be come the status quo payment processing option available to all consumers sooner rather than later given today’s market climate.

Get in touch with us today by giving us a call or sending an email or filling out the form on the right side and do yourself a favor: do some due diligence on this technology and figure out how many more sales you are  missing out on.  If you only add one customer per week, Reverse Layaway is a home run for you and your business.  Who knows–you could be one of those businesses that adds $500,000 in additional sales by just adding Reverse Layaway as a payment option.  If you sell a product or service in the $300-$5000 price range, you need to take a serious look at Reverse Layaway.

And we’ll help you get it up and running.  There’s no big up-front investment. What are you waiting for?

When you get your monthly statement and see that you had thousands of dollars deposited in your account from Reverse Layaway sales you made months ago, you’re going to ask yourself: Why didn’t I get going on Reverse Layaway sooner?

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