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Reverse Layaway will supercharge your sales force overnight by giving them a Consumer Friendly closing tool that they’ve never had before.  Experienced business owners and salespeople alike know that the main hurdle in most every sale is asking for the money and getting the customer to agree to fork it over.  That’s why sales people often get paid a higher income: what they do isn’t easy.  A good sales person can support an entire business.  In the 2010 recession, this is especially true, since most prospective customers simply don’t have the cash or credit.

With Reverse Layaway, you and your sales staff can sell to 9 out of 10 people that walk into your store today–regardless of their cash or credit situation.  Reverse Layaway allows you to do more deals TODAY.

Reverse Layaway gives your business the power to provide your product or service today for as little as 15% down, which gives your customer exactly what they want: payment flexibility.  A purchase option that is custom-tailored to their budget, and no worries about their credit history disqualifying them from buying the product or service that they need TODAY!  Just do what your business has always done and the money will be in your account Guaranteed!

Imagine this: a customer who is short on cash and has no or bad credit has a need for what you sell.  They call around and speak to a few of your competitors and try and get pricing to figure out if they can make the purchase.  When they call you and your salesperson answers their question of “How Much?” with a simple: “we take cash, credit and debit cards, you can write us a check (and you can now with RL!), or we can do a No Credit Check Easy Payment plan with Reverse Layaway to make it fit into your budget–whatever your budget might be”.   (Note: RL allows you to take checks now with 100% peace of mindno trips to the bank and no bounced checks EVER AGAIN!) Who do you think that price-conscious buyer is going to drive to almost immediately?  That’s right: the Reverse Layaway merchant.  And all you had to do was tell the customer that it was an option.  And who knows?  Maybe they’ll pay in full up front with a card or pay cash once they are in the door.  And RL will allow your sales force to up-sell, up-sell, up-sell!


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No Credit Check.  These are the 3 Most Powerful Words in Marketing in 2010.  These three powerful little words can mean the difference between success and failure.  You’ve heard that we are in a Credit Crunch, right?  Remember when everybody’s house was worth twice as much and there was all kinds of business being done with easy credit everywhere?  That’s history.  Things have changed.

These days, over half of the American population–nearly 3 out of 5 consumers–can’t put $500 together.  And the ones that can probably don’t want any more debt in their lives, if they even qualify at all.  Speaking of Credit Crunch–the latest numbers are that 15-16% of consumers are approved for retail credit–I’ve heard as low as 12% just today.  Credit cards are simply not an option for most any longer, and even folks with high credit scores and large incomes are having their limits slashed.  The affluent don’t have the purchasing power they once did a short while ago.

Given these market realities, you NEED to offer a payment option to your customers that addresses these issues or your business will suffer by missing out on a massive segment of your market.  Before you mistakenly jump to the incorrect and unprofitable statement “we don’t want that kind of customer here”, keep in mind that last Christmas season over one million people took retailers up on their offer to do a Layaway plan and these folks that are targeted are people who earn over $50,000 per year.  Are you SURE you don’t want “that kind of customer”?  Because your competition sure does!

Not to mention, when a price conscious buyer contacts you as a result of your marketing that offers No Credit Check, they will often pay in full up front simply because you were able to get them in the door or call you over your competition–this is what many Reverse Layaway merchants tell us.  That’s why these are the 3 Most Powerful Words in Marketing, and only Reverse Layaway allows you to say them.


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In today’s economic climate, being nice to your customers goes a long way.  It’s almost a lost art with all of the indifference we as consumers run into.  Giving your customers a Consumer Friendly payment option that allows them to get what they want today–even when they don’t have all the cash to pay for it–goes over extremely well with consumers.  Not to mention, the way Americans manage their finances is changing.  Americans are tired of debt.  Reverse Layaway is a throwback to the good ol’ days when people saved up for things they wanted to buy.  Reverse Layaway eliminates the banks with their outrageous interest rates from the equation and because there is no credit check, so we are seeing 90% of Reverse Layaway Merchant’s customers are approved.

Talk about a sales spike!  When you appear to “bend over backwards” to help a customer get what they want/need, they will remember you.  They will tell people about you.  And they will be far more likely to return to you since only your business can help them–now and in the future.

Until your competition starts offering Reverse Layaway, anyway.


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Reverse Layaway’s innovative payment processing technology benefits businesses in uncountable ways in the 2010 Recession.  Of course, the biggest benefit to businesses is very simple: More Sales Fast.  But there are many other ways we increase business sales.  Throughout the following posts coming soon we’ll look at a list of 10 of the most popular reasons business owners implement Reverse Layaway into their businesses.

The economic climate has changed for the worse and it doesn’t look like the consumer marketplace is going to turn around anytime soon as a result of credit tightening, lower real estate values, higher unemployment, and most likely many more layoffs when the reality of new regulations–and their costs–are felt by businesses.

The high-flying days of old when people were flush with cash from the inflated real estate values are over.  People aren’t making the big purchases anymore and that affects all of us.  When businesses get proactive and change the way they do business with their customers–and not only make it easier for themselves to sell to customers in today’s environment, but also make it FAR easier for customers to buy–we are not only helping ourselves and our businesses grow, but we are helping our country build a stronger economy that can sustain more new hires and higher sales volumes.

Thanks for reading, and if you haven’t already–sign up to get our Free Report to learn how your competition is adding $20,000-$40,000 in additional sales annually.  Per location.


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In these economic times, people that need their vehicle repaired may not have all the cash or credit they need to pay in full for all the service they require, and Reverse Layaway is the perfect solution for mechanics to not only solve this problem for their customers (and be a hero for saving them), but they can seriously increase their sales volume also.

When a person goes to a business that helps them above and beyond their expectations–especially financially–people remember.  And they talk about it.  With their friends, coworkers and relatives.  They are going to sing your praises high and low if you have Reverse Layaway in your business because it’s new, innovative, and it is what customers are asking for.

One of our Automotive clients is Finn Mototech in Broomfield, Colorado.  Rob, the owner, has found that most people who come into his shop because they hear about him offering no credit check payment plans actually end up paying in full in cash or putting it on a credit card, but they wouldn’t have even come in the door if they didn’t know about his Reverse Layaway program.

Finn Mototech also offers the best oil change value in Colorado (if not the planet) when they run their specials: only $5.


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