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Reverse Layaway clients tell us what an absolute blessing it is that we’ve developed this technology.  They don’t know what they’d do without it.  They don’t know how they’d still be in business without it.

We love small businesses–that’s how we started.

And we love to see them grow and hire and add new jobs and strengthen our neighborhoods, our economy, and our nation.

If you haven’t added Reverse Layaway as a payment option for your clients you are losing out on a very simple to capture–and LARGE–new revenue stream. It’s simple to implement, simple to close Reverse Layaway deals, and it’s not that expensive.

Give us a call today and we’ll walk you through it–mention this blog post and we’ll cut your setup fee in half.  This offer expires at the end of the month, so act fast.

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This isn’t news to us here at Reverse Layaway.  We know these numbers but business owners can often be a little slow on the uptake when they need to make a change in order to remain competitive.

The study is here.  It was in the Wall Street Journal.

If you’re a business owner, wouldn’t you want to be in a position to service the needs of your customers regardless of their financial situation?


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Reverse Layaway is powerful technology.  When you have Reverse Layaway in your business you have more ability to close more sales–you make it easier on yourself to close more sales and you make it easier on your customer to say Yes.

Here’s a list of the Top 10 Reverse Layaway Benefits:

1) Reverse layaway is what your customers demand in today’s market (and they’ll tell people about it when you DO offer it!).

2) Reverse Layaway allows you to add those 3 Magic Words to your marketing: No Credit Check, which leads to higher response rates and more walk-ins to your business

3) Reverse Layaway increases your revenues not only in the volume of transactions, but in higher prices, too

4) Reverse Layaway is the latest payment processing technology on the market, and it’s time to upgrade

5) Reverse Layaway turns your salespeople into consumer-friendly closing machines

6) Reverse Layaway is Fast–it takes only seconds to get an approval, just like a card transaction

7) Reverse Layaway makes your business look good–increase your image in the eyes of your customers

8 ) Reverse Layaway allows you to make more money virtually overnight by allowing you to close deals now that you couldn’t without Reverse Layaway – customers without all the cash or credit

9) Reverse Layaway all by itself is a draw for customers–some have driven over 100 miles to buy from a Reverse Layaway merchant!

10) Reverse Layaway allows you to dominate your marketplace by offering value to your customers that your competition doesn’t.  Not yet, anyway…

This is a very short list of the benefits of having Reverse Layaway in your business and we believe that Reverse Layaway will be come the status quo payment processing option available to all consumers sooner rather than later given today’s market climate.

Get in touch with us today by giving us a call or sending an email or filling out the form on the right side and do yourself a favor: do some due diligence on this technology and figure out how many more sales you are  missing out on.  If you only add one customer per week, Reverse Layaway is a home run for you and your business.  Who knows–you could be one of those businesses that adds $500,000 in additional sales by just adding Reverse Layaway as a payment option.  If you sell a product or service in the $300-$5000 price range, you need to take a serious look at Reverse Layaway.

And we’ll help you get it up and running.  There’s no big up-front investment. What are you waiting for?

When you get your monthly statement and see that you had thousands of dollars deposited in your account from Reverse Layaway sales you made months ago, you’re going to ask yourself: Why didn’t I get going on Reverse Layaway sooner?


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Reverse Layaway generates more sales, adding an average of $20,000 to $40,000 in annual sales yearly to the typical retail location.  Some have seen increases of more than $40,000 in a single month–this isn’t typical but how many more sales you generate with this technology is up to you–it’s based upon the effort you put into promoting your program because that’s what this is: your very own in-house financing program.

Reverse Layaway is trusted by major banks and large retailers nationwide to give them the boost they need in today’s market to continue growing.  Reverse Layaway is their “Ace in the hole”.  Their Secret Weapon.  And Reverse Layaway is the single most cost-effective and consumer-friendly way to increase sales today.  Period. And it’s not expensive to get implemented–you can be accepting Reverse Layaway payment plans in 48 hours in most cases.  All you have to do is get in touch and we’ll guide you and help you get to your destination and reach your goal of higher sales number fast.  Talk to you soon…



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Reverse Layaway Technology is a relatively new innovation in the marketplace which means that by implementing it as a payment option for your customers your business puts itself on the cutting edge of consumer friendliness in the minds of your prospective customers.  And when your customers see how easy it is to use Reverse Layaway they will tell their friends and families and neighbors and coworkers–they’ll talk about you because this is new for them and VERY appealing in today’s market.  And getting set up to offer Reverse Layaway is simple, fast, and inexpensive.  All it takes is a little forward-thinking.  A little business vision.  And some common sense.

And one of the best parts of Reverse Layaway is that you will be able to Make More Money Immediately in a number of ways. 1) You’ll be able to close deals with Reverse Layaway that you can’t close now by giving your customers the ability to spread out payments over a few months and either giving them the ability to close the payment gap between what they have now and the total price or “financing” the whole purchase for them, and 2) You’ll be able to charge your new customers a premium–a higher price–for the privilege of doing business with a forward-thinking merchant that offers the most consumer-friendly payment option around and gives your customers exactly what they want: the product or service they want to buy TODAY.  Remember: 9 out of 10 customers are approved.  Upon approval, your income–in the form of payments from the customer–is guaranteed (even if there’s no money n their account!).  There is No Credit Check with Reverse Layaway which is why this technology is so innovative!

More Customers.  Higher Prices.  Immediately. This is no joke–it only takes a few minutes to fill out the paperwork and once you are approved by our bank we program and ship your hardware the same day so you often have it the next morning.  Once it arrives, it takes less than 10 minutes to set up and plug in and then you can start doing more business with more customers for higher prices.  Common sense–that’s all this really takes.


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Reverse Layaway Technology is growing exponentially in popularity among business owners because it makes you look good to your customers and gives them the payment convenience they are beginning to demand. The saturation point of Reverse Layaway merchants has not happened yet so this means that you can take credit for our hard work (and we recommend that you do!) and look VERY good in your customers’ eyes. You can make your business look like it’s on the cutting edge of technology. You can look like an innovator in your market. Reverse Layaway technology makes it appear to your customers that you truly trust them. Only you have to know that the payments they make to you are guaranteed even if their payments “bounce” in the future by a Billion-dollar FDIC-insured nationwide payment processing bank that’s been doing this for 25 years. Your new customers will reward you for this trust by returning to do business with you again and again and by telling others about what an awesome payment plan you offer that doesn’t require a credit check (which is a huge relief to most consumers!). Give us a call or get our free report today to learn how you can increase your sales overnight by $20-40,000 per year per location!


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Reverse Layaway will supercharge your sales force overnight by giving them a Consumer Friendly closing tool that they’ve never had before.  Experienced business owners and salespeople alike know that the main hurdle in most every sale is asking for the money and getting the customer to agree to fork it over.  That’s why sales people often get paid a higher income: what they do isn’t easy.  A good sales person can support an entire business.  In the 2010 recession, this is especially true, since most prospective customers simply don’t have the cash or credit.

With Reverse Layaway, you and your sales staff can sell to 9 out of 10 people that walk into your store today–regardless of their cash or credit situation.  Reverse Layaway allows you to do more deals TODAY.

Reverse Layaway gives your business the power to provide your product or service today for as little as 15% down, which gives your customer exactly what they want: payment flexibility.  A purchase option that is custom-tailored to their budget, and no worries about their credit history disqualifying them from buying the product or service that they need TODAY!  Just do what your business has always done and the money will be in your account Guaranteed!

Imagine this: a customer who is short on cash and has no or bad credit has a need for what you sell.  They call around and speak to a few of your competitors and try and get pricing to figure out if they can make the purchase.  When they call you and your salesperson answers their question of “How Much?” with a simple: “we take cash, credit and debit cards, you can write us a check (and you can now with RL!), or we can do a No Credit Check Easy Payment plan with Reverse Layaway to make it fit into your budget–whatever your budget might be”.   (Note: RL allows you to take checks now with 100% peace of mindno trips to the bank and no bounced checks EVER AGAIN!) Who do you think that price-conscious buyer is going to drive to almost immediately?  That’s right: the Reverse Layaway merchant.  And all you had to do was tell the customer that it was an option.  And who knows?  Maybe they’ll pay in full up front with a card or pay cash once they are in the door.  And RL will allow your sales force to up-sell, up-sell, up-sell!


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Without Reverse Layaway technology, your payment processing is sadly outdated. You have an iPod.  You have an iPhone.  You have the latest and greatest HDTV.  But your payment processing is from the 80’s and it falls short in 2010.  It’s old.

And it doesn’t give you the power to offer your customers a $5000 line of credit with no credit check and put you in a position where you have No Liability if they don’t pay.  You can do a payment plan with a customer on your own, but in 2010 there’s far too much risk with all the economic uncertainties we all face.   You’re likely to get stuck holding the bag. Reverse Layaway eliminates this risk and guarantees you will be paid once they are approved–as 9 out of 10 customers are.

Reverse Layaway eliminates your risk and allows you to sell to 9 out of 10 people who walk into your store (or who you visit)–regardless of their cash or credit situation.  Reverse Layaway doesn’t care what their credit history is and how much money they have is irrelevant as long as they put 15% down.  And if they don’t pay, you have No Liability.    Reverse Layaway is the highest and best use of technology in the payment processing realm. And your Customers are demanding it.

And if you sell online, we have a Web-based Reverse Layaway solution.  Give us a ring and we’ll tell you all about it.


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Reverse Layaway increases not only your price point, but the number of customers you can sell to.  Times are tight for most in today’s economy with nearly 3 out of 5 people being unable to afford a $500 purchase today.  With Reverse Layaway in your business, you can now sell to 9 out of 10 people that you talk to, giving yourself a huge increase in the number of potential sales opportunities.

Offering your customers Reverse Layaway is a tremendous incentive for customers to do business with you over your competitors, and your customers will gladly pay a premium to you for offering them this convenience.  Not to mention: they can’t get what they want anywhere else–not with these terms.

And when you offer them a Reverse Layaway No Credit Check Payment Plan you have no liability if they don’t pay their bills!  If your customer doesn’t have the funds in their account when our technology attempts to electronically transfer their funds into your account, our Billion-Dollar FDIC-insured bank will put the money in there–Guaranteed–on the 5th or the 20th of the month–whichever is faster.  No risk to your business and a large new revenue stream makes for happy business owners–and happy customers!

Your new Guaranteed Revenue stream can be implemented virtually overnight–just give us a call!

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