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Reverse Layaway Technology is growing exponentially in popularity among business owners because it makes you look good to your customers and gives them the payment convenience they are beginning to demand. The saturation point of Reverse Layaway merchants has not happened yet so this means that you can take credit for our hard work (and we recommend that you do!) and look VERY good in your customers’ eyes. You can make your business look like it’s on the cutting edge of technology. You can look like an innovator in your market. Reverse Layaway technology makes it appear to your customers that you truly trust them. Only you have to know that the payments they make to you are guaranteed even if their payments “bounce” in the future by a Billion-dollar FDIC-insured nationwide payment processing bank that’s been doing this for 25 years. Your new customers will reward you for this trust by returning to do business with you again and again and by telling others about what an awesome payment plan you offer that doesn’t require a credit check (which is a huge relief to most consumers!). Give us a call or get our free report today to learn how you can increase your sales overnight by $20-40,000 per year per location!


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Without Reverse Layaway technology, your payment processing is sadly outdated. You have an iPod.  You have an iPhone.  You have the latest and greatest HDTV.  But your payment processing is from the 80’s and it falls short in 2010.  It’s old.

And it doesn’t give you the power to offer your customers a $5000 line of credit with no credit check and put you in a position where you have No Liability if they don’t pay.  You can do a payment plan with a customer on your own, but in 2010 there’s far too much risk with all the economic uncertainties we all face.   You’re likely to get stuck holding the bag. Reverse Layaway eliminates this risk and guarantees you will be paid once they are approved–as 9 out of 10 customers are.

Reverse Layaway eliminates your risk and allows you to sell to 9 out of 10 people who walk into your store (or who you visit)–regardless of their cash or credit situation.  Reverse Layaway doesn’t care what their credit history is and how much money they have is irrelevant as long as they put 15% down.  And if they don’t pay, you have No Liability.    Reverse Layaway is the highest and best use of technology in the payment processing realm. And your Customers are demanding it.

And if you sell online, we have a Web-based Reverse Layaway solution.  Give us a ring and we’ll tell you all about it.

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